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I let my feet get messed up. They have painful cracks in the soles.… - Overactive Guilt Gland, Underactive Drive
2016 February 28th
11:18 am
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I let my feet get messed up. They have painful cracks in the soles. I'm not sure what's going on, but this is a new level of bad. So it's hard to walk very, very much, although I do still walk when I have to run errands.

And I've been blowing off the Bernie campaign when they text me, because I'm now used to sitting around and not going places. But I think I need to do something.

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Date:2016 February 29th 03:26 am (UTC)

Is there a clinic you can go to about your feet? It's possible you need to lotion them and wear socks over the lotion, or it is possible they aren't airing out well, or it is possible it is fungal. If it is fungal, it would be worth going to a clinic rather than trying things trial-and-error over the counter. Sunlight is legitimately good for clearing up foot fungus, but it is still a bit chilly lately for barefoot in the sun.

I bet Bernie has phone banks you could sit at, if you feel the need.

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