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Overactive Guilt Gland, Underactive Drive Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "fool's guinea" journal:

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2014 November 21st
04:57 am
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Wow, has it been that long since I came on LJ?

I'm fine. I really didn't have "injuries" so much as scrapes and a scare.

I bought a bigger space heater, and I have used it at the empty house some, but I hope the electric bill isn't too outrageous.

It seems like I'm between one house with working plumbing and a bad furnace, and one with a probably working furnace and terribly bad plumbing, and neither has the gas on, and I ended up spending the money I planned to use to fix one or the other--on stupid stuff (and also on the cat, but mostly on other stuff; like a second computer that I apparently immediately messed up somehow).

Oh, well.

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2014 October 20th
10:46 pm
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So, the last time it rained enough to leak through the roof, I went into the attic and found a (the?) main leaky point was not where I'd placed the bucket before. I was able to reach up and touch it. A little bit of damaged wood shingle broke off. I moved some boards to be able to set the bucket under that spot, and then I stuffed a couple of HDPE grocery bags in the gap, and that seemed to slow it down a lot. I don't think as much water got down into the front room after that.

Just now I went up to attic (in sock feet, which may have been a good thing) to see if the bucket had much water in it, which I had neglected to do until now. Well, it had some. So I guess some water still got through. I stepped in the wrong place going to look (maybe I'd moved a board from there?) and my left foot went down and got caught in ceiling laths. I kind of hurt my right foot and scraped my inner thighs falling. I did extricate my foot, now I suppose I should clean the plaster up downstairs. And the bucket's not half full, so I'll empty it later when I feel more sure-footed.

Edit: Not bleeding, but this mark on one fingertip seems a little like a cut. I'm going to go home and get some Neosporin on it. But I didn't actually break that toe I was worried about at first. I'm fine. I'll be a little sore tomorrow.

Sorry about the (square foot or so? of) new plaster damage.

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2014 October 2nd
11:55 pm
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I put a bucket in the attic to catch the leak up there, and got less water that way than I expected.

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2014 September 5th
08:03 pm
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Icelandic Goats threatened



07:23 pm
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I haven't been doing a great deal of yardwork lately. It's been humid and sticky. I try to deal with some things, but I think one of my never-properly-planted apple trees in pots died these last few weeks.

Over the last year or so, I lost all of Grandma's hen-and-chickens, froze the Norfolk Island pine to death, and ... probably something else.

I have planted some little trees (or shrubs) where a tree died and was removed from Aunt Judy's parking. They had been in the pot with the apple tree, and took the scarce water from it. I'm not sure what they are, but I don't think they'll drop lots of stinky fruit in the street.

Just now a front came through. It's drizzling, and actually cooler outside than inside. I expect it'll be sticky tomorrow though.

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2014 August 17th
02:35 am
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recent links about Kurdistan and Turkey

I haven't suddenly been hacked, really!


2014 May 25th
08:20 pm
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What tools should we use against firms that sabotage environmental law?
There are times when, instead of "defending your interests," you should just concede you were wrong and desist from doing further harm. For manufacturers of neonicotinoids, this is one of those times. Because, while your lawyers may feel ethically bound to defend your corporate rights, can you imagine if they won?

Well, of course the lads at Bayer and Syngenta aren't doing that.


I signed a petition. I think there should also be more immediate repercussions felt directly by these companies. Shouldn't there? I'm not sure a boycott would do much, but it's a start.

There's a larger issue here: What tools should we use, as citizens and as states, against firms that sabotage environmental legislation for short-sighted reasons of "protecting corporate interests"?

Is it justifiable for private citizens to strike at them directly, whether through vandalism or violence? I think...yes, yes it is, in theory. The harm done by these corporations is greater and more lasting than the harm done by however much arson and terrorism it would take to dissuade them. It's an ugly, problematic answer, but it's not exactly false.

But there has to be a lawful way to make it clear that sabotaging all future agriculture is such a very bad thing that it doesn't matter what ethical corporate obligation you feel to protect your intellectual property. You need to stop.

Bayer needs to stop.

crossposted here, at least until it gets taken down for theoretically inciting violence: http://talk-politics.livejournal.com/1865727.html

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2014 April 21st
06:20 pm
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I'm not dead
It was a rough winter.


2014 January 10th
02:53 pm
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Plumbing again
Yesterday it was starting to thaw here, but mainly it was so overcast and humid that it was staying between 32° and 40° day and night. Yeah. I tried turning on the water at Judy's, but it seemed like the ground was still frozen, so I waited another day.

Today it was over 40°. I was apprehensive, as I still haven't fixed that leak at my own house, there's a good chance for leaks under Judy's, and one nightmare at a time, right? But I decided to look.

Oh, boy. In some ways, once I got past all the running around not finding the leak at my house, I think I got off easy. My leak is just above a floor, and while getting the broken piece off will be a bear, I can see where it is.

Judy's house has a bigger leak in a perhaps less accessible place. Best case scenario might be standing on a ladder after clearing out a bunch of stuff downstairs? I don't know yet. I haven't pinpointed the broken piece yet, but I've heard it spray very forcefully with the water on full (yeah, maybe shouldn't have started that way) and seen a stream with the water just barely on, so I know roughly where it is, but not what kind of leak it is, nor how accessible it is, yet.

It looks like it might even be the main intake to the upstairs bathroom? It's right near the outside east wall of the house, not far from the water heater and the bathtub, above the ground floor ceiling.

Getting back to the place I heard it (or remembered hearing it, once I turned the water off) involved moving a display case sort of thing, and when I moved it out of the way, I tipped it back to be able to walk past it, and apparently that was too much, or I wasn't quite gentle enough, and a great big curved piece of glass just shattered. So that was shocking.

So I have broken glass in the display case, and water on the floor, and after turning the water back on low and looking for the leak that way (because I was looking at the wrong pipes first time, and there are several there), and finding its general location, I just turned off the water and left. I have lots of towels sitting in the washer there, waiting to be washed after trying to mop up things at my house. I just kind of ran out of mopping will. Sorry.

Well, so much for washing my giant load of mopping-up towels there. Now what?

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2014 January 9th
06:30 pm
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Thawing after a hard freeze is so much fun! I had multiple leaks spring in my house, and water dripping through the walls and floor onto downstairs (where the heat wasn't) for I don't really know how long, but hours, even forming icicles at one point.

OK, I seem to have found the nightmare leak. It's not somewhere I have to stand on a ladder or fit in a crawlspace. It is between two other pipes, and I'm worried I'm not going to get it apart cleanly. So, for tonight, I could try putting an epoxy on it I don't really expect to hold, or I can just leave the water off again and see if I can get the broken piece off tomorrow.

Last night I thought I might get it off today...

Oh, well, at least it's only this bad.

I don't know yet if any pipes froze at Judy's house. I hope not.

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