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I just added a few quotes to my page of quotes.… - Overactive Guilt Gland, Underactive Drive
2013 September 1st
11:37 pm
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I just added a few quotes to my page of quotes. http://www.angelfire.com/journal/foolsguinea/quotes.html


I was trying to be more "mindful" and focused this week and really not managing. I can feel really creative and come up with big monologues or whatever while taking a shower, but I can't as often then go and type them down.

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Date:2013 September 2nd 02:33 pm (UTC)
LJ would see a LOT more posts from me if the ones I compose in my head while doing something else (driving, getting ready for work, etc. ) ever made it from my head to the page.

Your Mom called me yesterday. It sounds like she is doing okay with her new medicine - things have kind of events out. I think the change she made to her phone service is a good one.

Oh, so you know too, I told her not to protest the city cutting down the walnut tree in the side parking. Yes, it is a nice tree, but it is too tall of a tree for that location. I didn't plant it there, the squirrels did. It seems a shame to cut down a good walnut tree that is bearing well this year, but they are right about it getting in the wires and eventually causing problems.
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